Nyota Uhura was assigned to the Enterprise for her first tour of duty. During an interaction with the space probe known as Nomad, her mind was wiped clean from the strength of the probe’s sensors. Reduced to mental infancy she faced a long slow period of recovery. A nanocomputer and cytronic ciruitry were implanted to speed her progress. Mostly recovered, she has lost a lifetime of experience. She has resumed her position on the Enterprise among friends she does not remember.
Uhura’s nano computer gives her reference to Starfleet regulations, as well as language translation programs for many of the alien races in the Federation. She has been rebuilding her network of contacts as people reach out to support her as they hear about her misfortune.

House Rules
For Uhura I did not give her a secondary profession, instead she has additional contacts (5) and a -1 to Encounter skills.
Based on the backstory she has 5 unchosen contacts; these can be assigned to support characters she encounters them. With Well Travelled and Networked she knows someone in most locations she travels to. Or more precisely someone there knows her.
Phasers have 4 settings: stun, wound, mortal and overload. Stun has a spread (S) mode, which is similar to the aurtofire rules. At short range, 2 targets within 6 meters of each other can be targeted. Up to three different targets within 6 meters of each other can be affected at medium range. Targets only suffer 1/2 damage at medium range, and no effect at long range. Firing a phaser in Spread mode uses an extra charge. The effect of the overload setting from a fully charged phaser is the same as a bundle of dynamite.