As a child Lady Jane Ravenwood’s father was stationed in the Raj, while she and her mother remained in England. When her mother died from drinking, Lady Jane was sent to a boarding school. Not long after, word reached England that her father had been killed under mysterious circumstances. Now an orphan the school relegated her to scullery maid. She lived alone in a small room in the attic, her only company the ghost of a girl that had passed away several years earlier.
After several years at the school one of her father’s friends returned from India and took her as a ward. Although he assumed responsibility for Jane out of respect for her father, he was cold and distant, eventually returning to India.
Now an adult, Lady Jane Ravenwood has received her inheritance, a manor in the countryside and considerable investment that allow her the time and funds to pursue her true love, science. She is an accomplished inventor and a dozen or more contraptions in various state of development clutter her workshop.

House Rules
No special house rules for Jane.

Lady Jane
Character Sheet
Drawing by Karla Hartzell