P1000700.JPGGenCon has come and gone and it’s time for the loot post!

On the upper left we have a Shadowrun anthology called Drawing Destiny.  Wife has read it, I haven’t made it there yet.  Also Shadowrun related is the “prototype” preview of the new Anarchy ruleset for Shadowrun.  The premise is a rules light version of the ponderous rules of Shadowrun.  Haven’t read it cover to cover but I’m not sure about it.  While I agree Shadowrun is big, I think they might be diverging too much for my tastes.

Continuing clockwise, we have dice on top of 7th Sea rules.  The dice are Classic dice from Q-Workshop, d10s for 7th Sea and a standard poly set for D&D.  I have too many dice but it’s the Con so the dice must flow.  The 7th Sea rules are actually from a KickStarter and were waiting for me on my return to Harrisburg.  But they were for sale at the Con so I’ve included them here.  I got the “Pirate” level so I received a normal copy of the rules and the black pirate edition.  The rules are heavy on the GM winging it/  I played a session at the Con and had a great time even though it ran til midnight and there were only 2 other players. Continue reading “Back from the Con”