1st edition Shadowrun

I got into Shadowrun when it first came out back in ’89. The art included numerous references to Stevie Ray Vaughn, and that has colored my campaigns ever since. Music has been a vital part of the setting, along with food. Music and food have been vital parts of the setting; food, music and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.
This was personified, literally, in Stevie, a blues playing, crossroads visiting, city spirit who was the essence of the blues and had no idea he was a spirit. A brief and troubled romance with one of the runners ended badly, as is fitting for a blues man.

The runners have a safe haven – a nightclub called The Downfall. The owner is a free city spirit named Aelaryss, she ensures there is no fighting in the club. An absolute rule that no one alive has ever violated. Aelaryss has a soft spot for runners who take care of those living on the streets. Numerous backrooms are by invitation only and give runners a place to rest when the heat gets turned up. A unique ability I’ve given her is the ability to have The Downfall become lost in the city, anyone she doesn’t want to find the place just can’t find the place.
Aelaryss takes the mic on occasion, her songs, and the mood in the club, are dark cabaret.

Short and built like a brick, Clem is a rigger who runs a body shop in the Barrens. His skin is dark dark black with white hair and beard. He provides mechanic services and wheel work when the runners require it. Clem is a kind soul who “has 38 children” and spends some weekends out of town “working on the dwarven spaceship we are building in the mountains”. In his shop he listens to Delta Blues but when joining on a run Sturgill Simpson is on the stereo.

Sparky, (she hates that name) is a young elven mage and singer. She has done a few runs and formed a close friendship with Clem. He’s the one who nicknamed her Sparky after she cast a lightning spell that didn’t go off so well. Her singing is classically trained and from the heart. For her, the Steinman classic Nowhere Fast sums up the passion in her music.

The Horned Dance are a motorcycle gang of eco-anarchists that work to disrupt the workings of the mega corps. They spend time in a bar on the outskirts of Seattle called the Wylde Hunt where they perform pagan folk music. They are a good source of info on megacorp activities outside of the city.