I did it, I made 31 characters in 31 days. It wasn’t exactly 1 per day, I fell a bit behind and had to catch up, but 31 is 31 and I’ll take the win.
All 31 were for the Alternity RPG. I think if I had made characters for 31 different systems I wouldn’t have made it. I have more than 31 systems on the shelves, but haven’t made many characters for most of them – I’d be starting from scratch so to speak and some of the creation rules are complex. Still I think I made a nice variety of characters.

Here’s some things that occurred to me after the fact:
Contacts: I would have liked to give contacts to most of the characters, but found it hard to round up the Skill Points to spend on them.

Heightened Ability: Several times I considered giving characters a heightened ability score. One additional ability point translates to ton of saved skill points if the character is heavy on skills from that ability. Not sure why I didn’t. I use the ranks as guidelines for what the character can do without needing to roll, bumping up an Intelligence score would give you an extra point in say, language, but if you were at rank 1 it would still be tough to get your ideas across.

Fragile Flaw: This one is a no brainer for Fraal.

Starting Equipment: I pretty much threw the rules out the window for this. Cybergear especially. There, I said it.

One skill at rank 3 vs several at rank 1: This varied based on how many skills I thought the character needed. I tended to give a single rank rather than go with just the broad skill. In hindsite I could have left some of the characters with the broad skill and allowed for the +1 penalty. Rank 3 in Alternity is “fluent” so a native speaker of a language has 3 ranks. This informed my choices. Related note: I tended to not buy broad skills without also buying a specialty. Many characters would benefit from this and it makes sense for 1st level characters, just a personal quirk that I noticed.

Competency: My base house rule for humans is 62 points for ability scores. This basically nets them +6 skill points and an extra point to some skills. This makes starting humans nicely capable at 1st level. I didn’t miss them on the non-humans to be honest.

Not optimizing: I didn’t look to optimizing the builds, some (like Clem) could have had points shuffled around for a better set of skill scores. I like the builds, but I’m not sure if it would be too much of a liability in game.

Attributes: Alternity really needs more of these, I mostly stuck to the book, but this is a good place for the player to define the character.

Social Status: I like these, but starting characters are way low on the totem pole. I gave some characters the benefits from 2 careers since they straddled the line. For an actual game I’d tailor the Social Status to the character’s background.

If I do this next year, and I probably will, I will probably make more small groups to show how the skill sets complement each other.

And lastly I’d like to thank Karla Hartzell for her art, it was a great addition to the characters.