Clem is a bit of a fixture in the Barrens, he unofficially “owns” a service station/body shop, and those with the need of a good mechanic that’s off the grid usually end up at Clem’s. He has an easy smile and a deep booming laugh and no matter where he goes he always finds time to make contact with a friend. His one weakness is his kind heart, many runners have a tab with Clem, and he’s always willing to extend credit to those down on their luck.
If Clem has a last name, nobody knows it. Get him drunk and he’ll tell you stories about his 38 children, or about the spaceship the dwarves are building in the Cascades.
He’s not the greatest rigger in the metroplex, but he’s willing to throw in on a run if the price is right and the cause is good.

House Rules
Durability: Con x 1.5
Thermographic Vision
-2 bonus for pathogen and toxin resistance (Including beneficial drugs)
+20% increased Lifestyle cost
+1 Penalty on Encounter skills when prejudice would occur.
Str 15, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 14, Wil 15, Per 12

The drone and van are outfitted with remote consoles from the GMG. The remote control console allows Clem to jack-in to the vehicles and gain a piloting skill bonus (Ordinary RC offsets the normal remote control penalty)

Clem Character Sheet