Lead guitarist and singer for the band Firebrand, Joshua Brande is the stereotypical frontman. At times sullen and brooding he swings to the manic just before a show. Former lead of the weren metal group Wrought Iron, he formed Firebrand at the urging of his girlfriend Angel, and he is still resentful towards those who accuse him of selling out. He has a reputation as a “bad boy” and the media hypes that image.
Together with his bandmates, they find themselves in a variety of strange situations and have solved their share of crimes.

House Rules
Writing a song is a complex skill check requiring 6 successes. Bandmates can assist with the checks. Each failure causes stress to the band, and a critical failure risks causing the group to break up. Make another skill check, on a critical failure of the second check the band breaks up. Rehearsals are Skill Challenges that each member contributes to using their instrument skills, bonus to those based on the quality of the song writing. THe quality of the skill check gives a bonus to the next performance. The decision to try for a better result is balanced by the possibility of ending up with a bad rehearsal and a penalty to the next performance. Leadership can give bonuses to skill checks of the band during performances.

Character Sheet