Azra Loquis was a corp mage, part of a reaction team that defended Gaeatronics’ corporate headquarters from magical attack. During a bit of corporate espionage, the ritual team encountered something Big. The leader of the ritual began casting way above his weight class and passing the drain down the chain. Azra was the scapegoat and received the whole team’s drain, then something explosive manifested, leaving the casting center in ruins. The bulk of the blast was shunted to Azra and he was left broken and near death – the blast took his eyes and ears. The corp wrote him off as a lost asset and left him to die. Scavengers found him and sold his body to a cheap body mod clinic to have his organs harvested. Since he was still alive, he was instead used to practice brain invasive cyber surgery resulting in his cybergear.
Officially dead he is now SINless on the streets of Seattle. His mage abilities stunted from the cyberware, he’s more apt to rely on the pistol when it comes to violence. And it always comes to violence.

House Rules
Hoo-boy, where to start.
My Shadowrun for Alternity rules are extensive, I’ll just be hitting the high points that relate to this character.
Elves have a stat point range that runs a little higher than humans, and they have night vision. Prejudice is a big issue in my Shadowrun games and elves suffer from it.
Azra is an Aspect Mage, similar to a psionic talent he chose Sorcery-spellcasting as his skill. The Aptitude perk allowed me to give him a higher rank than he would normally have at 1st level; as appropriate for a burnout. The 5 ranks also sucked up the bulk of his skill points.
As with any cybered, he paid the 10 points and I handwaved the initial cost.
Sorcery is one of 4 magic broadskills, with specializations in –counterspelling, –ritual casting, and -spellcasting.
Azra is in the 2nd bracket of cybertolerance, this gives him a penalty to spellcasting.
Spells can be cast at different power levels – it’s actually easier to cast more powerful spells. They are like living things and want to rush into the world. The downside is the caster must resist Drain, casting too powerful a spell can wipe you out.
Spell formulae require a one-time spend of skill points to master. Beginning characters have a separate pool of points to spend for spells.

Azra Character Sheet