Notes: This writeup is for a campaign of Dark Sun by way of Alternity/Gamma World. In this setting the Sorcerer Kings are mindwalkers who have managed to tap into the powers of alien terraforming engines and the AIs that run them. Corrupting the power has led to ecological collapse and widespread mutation. Instead of everyone having psionics like in Dark Sun, in this version most humans are mutants. Templars in general are Mechalus or Pure Strain Humans. T’sa replace Elves as desert runners, Fraal replace the Feral Halflings, Weren are Half Giants, and Sesheyans are complex šŸ™‚
Templars are created by the sorcerer kings in special labs. The Mechalus are crafted wholesale in the gene banks, those culled from the populace undergo a partial mindwipe and are outfitted with cybergear. They are tightly bound to the will of the Sorcerer Kings, but a mindwalker can use DataLink to contact them and free their minds.
Templars maintain wireless communication and can download programs from the ziggurat’s databanks, it takes 2 rounds to download 1 slot of memory. This is distracting, giving a +1 step penalty to other actions undertaken at the time.

Titian was leader of a rebel cell, suffered a betrayal and was taken by the Templars to become one of them. His personality was wiped but he still maintains some knowledge and skills from his past life. He has been successful in rooting out cells of rebellion, but then he encountered a strong telepath who freed his mind from the Sorcerer King’s direct control. Every time he downloads a program he risks being revealed as an independent thinker, but the Templars have so far not taken notice of him.
Titian is developing his new personality and seeking the truth of who betrayed him, as well as seeking to regain the trust of the rebels. He’s not sure what he’ll do once he regains their trust though.
Templars are kinda Matrix agent meets the Terminator.

House Rules
Titian paid the full 10 skill points for his cyberware. I handwaved the cost of the basic set of cyberware for a Templar since the gear is needed for the concept. And the other Templars are always watching. Templars can download Enhance, Assist, and Refence programs as well as Control programs to take command of the city’s advanced defenses. As a basic idea, Titian would gain Computer Op. skills as he advances, ultimately allowing him to attempt to hack the Sorcerer King’s systems. Or the game might take him in an entirely different direction.

Titian Character Sheet