Charlie’s been a Chicago boy from the beginning.  He grew up in a normal run-of-the-mill neighborhood, with parents who were stern, but not abusive, and he was a good kid. That changed when he went off to war.  He came back shell shocked and scarred.  During his final battle of the war he was injured by a shell going off nearby, and taken prisoner.  He suffered mistreatment and still carries the scars inside and out. Once he got back to the states he vowed never to be under anyone’s thumb ever again.  He got caught up in a gang where his tendency towards violence was an asset.  But it was prohibition that showed him his place in the world.  The gangster culture was violent and the pecking order was something he understood.  He was eager to do any job he was asked to do and he did them well. Now he has risen to be a lieutenant for the Boss and been working the streets to lay the groundwork for his take over.

House Rules
The only special rule for Charlie is his Social Status/Wealth. I tuned it to the 20’s

Charlie Character Sheet
Drawing by Karla Hartzell