Muraou’s mother was an ordinary winged puma, of no particular intelligence, but a good provider.  They had a lair in the ruins of a skyscraper from which they hunted the fauna of the surrounding region.  Once Muraou was confident enough in her hunting abilities she set out to find her own territory.  She sought out ruins of the ancients since that was what was familiar to her.  Eventually she found her way into the ruins of Coover, where she first encountered the radioactivists.  They recognized a spark of intelligence and took her in.  Becoming somewhat of a mascot she followed them on a pilgrimage to their holy site where she was exposed to high doses of radiation.  The radiation affected her in mind and body, expanding her intellect and giving her a more humanoid body.  The change was traumatic, and when the radioactivists were ready to make another pilgrimage she left them to again strike out on her own.  During her wanderings she encountered a young mutant beset by a squad of Knights of Genetic purity.  Her flight spooked their mounts and they thought she was attacking and turned their attention to her.  Together with the young mutant she wase able to drive off the Knights.  Both were injured and they spent time together while they healed.  They roamed ancient ruins for a time, finding curiosities and learning about the ancients.  From the mutant, Jhered (a restorationist), she learned to read the language of the ancients and how to emulate words as best she can.  He fashioned for her a “poking stick” she could use to trigger buttons on ancient devices.  She carries it in a special sheath on her left front leg.

She is intelligent and understands much more than she is capable of speaking.  She learns as much of the language as she can so she has many words to say the same thing and can pick those she’s most comfortable speaking.  Even so her speech is hesitant, halting, and strained.

House Rules
I used the Gamma World mutant animal supplemental rules from Dragon Magazine #272.  She was given Poor Manipulation (4 points) to balance out her Wings (4 points).  That puts he over the text book limit of mutation points for both mutations and flaws, and the balance is tipped towards the flaws.  As a GM I would allow her to pick up another small mutation during the game if desired.

Character Sheet
Drawing by Karla Hartzell