YouTube has revealed to me a variety of music styles that I might not have gravitated to. These aren’t something you’d generally hear outside of (maybe) a college station.

So I thought I’d share.

I’ll start with some, well I guess you could call it Gothic Folk/Americana

First a video, the Backwater Gospel. An animated short about death in the old west (or more modern Appalachia)

The short is used for the music video Drink the Water by Justin Cross. I’m an Atheist but I appreciate the gospel undertones in music. That leads me to Blood on My Name and Awake O Sleeper by Brothers Bright, a much more rockin band, still somewhat Gothic.

Dogs of War by Blues Saraceno –another rockin band

On the heavier side of things we have Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch. Pretty much a straight up Rock song (a little on the heavy side) Awesome song and the video, as a former military man, it strikes a chord.  And if you’ve watched the Netflix Daredevil you’ll recognize the images from Nobody Praying for Me

Disturbed – Sound of Silence-a close second to Leonard Cohen’s version.

Over to more Gospel-ish, Ollabelle Soul Of A Man

On the lighter side of things, not sure what I’d classify them as, they have a bass and a banjo: The Dead South – In Hell I’ll be in Good Company.

And just good folk music Mean Mary on the fast banjo – Iron Horse.

And sort of rockabilly Jace Everett – Bad Things

And just some pure blues Mighty Sam McClain – When The Hurt Is Over

And what is Americana but Irish music that jumped the pond. The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats – Barrels of Whiskey. This song has a special place in my heart since there have been moonshiners in my family tree.

Following on the heels of the Irish and adding some rock and a hurdy-gurdy and some sort of didgery-do thing: Fee Ra Huri by Omnia as well as their I Don’t Speak Human for the pagan/folk vibe.

Harp music is a weakness of mine so a cover of Metallica’s One by 2 Girls 1 Harp, well, it’s just cool. They do covers of other rock songs, worth browsing a bit if you like this.

Not sure how to qualify this beyond the YouTube title – Traditional Japanese Modern Music

And pure Japanese percussion Kodo – “O-Daiko”

And some Modern Mongolian Music – “Sandy Desert”

And on the heavy side, in Japan we have BABYMETAL – KARATE.  Oh BabyMetal, why do I love you?

And I don’t think it qualifies as electronica if it’s ball bearings and wood – Wintergatan – Marble Machine.