Yes, I vape.  Not to cut back on smoking, just for the clarity it gives my brain. Yeah I do it for the nicotine.  I don’t generally have an addiction prone personality and when I went to Gen Con for a week I had no nicotine and suffered no ill effects. I use 6mg nic in a Kangertech subbox mini (Sort of a starter kit)  I tried higher doses but they gave me an uncomfortable lightheadedness and one time a bit of nausea.  Smokers probably don’t have that as much of an issue as they are already acclimatized to the nicotine.  Part of the problem is I like to blow clouds of smoke and the higher nic levels were just too strong.

Currently I’m vaping Drip Hype Vape Cake Rasberry, not that thrilled with it, initially the berry flavor was good, but since it was a large bottle the flavor has gone off over time.  I’m very fond of Fittyz DooWop which is strawberry flavored and Colossus Vanilla Custard.  The flavor comes through in the first couple hits but fades over successive hits.  That’s when you know to take a break.  The Subbox mini is serving me well, though sometimes the temp setting seems to be ignored and after charging I sometimes have a variable strength hit, not enough to worry about and I’m pretty happy with it.  No burnt flavor yet.

The two local places I go for supplies are Cloud Jammer over in Lemoyne and Mechanical Mist up on Linglestown Road.  Both nice places and friendly people.  We’ll see how long the places last with the new regulations.  40% tax on everything is a truly stupid thing to do to a budding small business industry.  I have no problem paying the extra, I can afford it, but the shops will have to pay the $$ upfront on all their stock.  Hopefully one or two will survive. But they are already competing with the internet.  Only time will tell.