Gothic Americana (and Other Musical Genres)

YouTube has revealed to me a variety of music styles that I might not have gravitated to. These aren’t something you’d generally hear outside of (maybe) a college station.

So I thought I’d share.

I’ll start with some , well I guess you could call it Gothic Folk/Americana

First a video, the Backwater Gospel. An animated short about death in the old west (or more modern Appalachia)

The short is used for the music video Drink the Water by Justin Cross. I’m an Atheist but I appreciate the gospel undertones in music. That leads me to Blood on My Name and Awake O Sleeper by Brothers Bright, a much more rockin band, still somewhat Gothic.

Dogs of War by Blues Saraceno –another rockin band

On the heavier side of thing we have Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch. Pretty much a straight up Rock song (a little on the heavy side) Awesome song and the video, as a former military man, it strikes a chord.  And if you’ve watched the Netflix Daredevil you’ll recognize the images from Nobody Praying for Me

Disturbed – Sound of Silence-a close second to Leonard Cohen’s version.

Over to more Gospel-ish, Ollabelle Soul Of A Man Continue reading “Gothic Americana (and Other Musical Genres)”

Cthulhu Confidential

Today we talk about Cthulhu Confidential.  A nice little tabletop RPG from Pelgrane Press, makers of the Gumshoe RPG (which I have not read).  Cthulhu Confidential is based off the aforementioned Gumshoe, but is a “One-2-One” system that is geared for one GM and one Player (go fig.). The genre is Noir/ cheap detective set in the 30’s – 40’s and the perquisite Mythos components.  The book contains rules and 3 scenarios with pre-gens.

The rules are summed up on a Quick Reference page towards the back of the book, and a single page is all the summary you need.  Characters have Investigative and General abilities. Investigative abilities allow you to gather clues just by being in the right place and right time, no roll required.  If you don’t have the correct Investigative ability you can hit up a Source for info.  You can also spend a resource called a “Push” that ups the result, giving you more info for instance.  General abilities are used in tests to determine if you succeed.  You have 1 or 2 dice (d6s) per ability.  You roll one die at a time since you might succeed without rolling all your dice and then the unused die generates a Push.  Challenges have 3 levels of outcome; Advance, Hold, and Setback.  These determine the result’s effect on the plot.  Advances give you Edges, Setbacks give you Problems. You can even accept an extra Problem to give you another die. Continue reading “Cthulhu Confidential”

On the Tech Side

In electronics news, I purchased a refurbished Surface 3 from Amazon.  Quad core, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB drive with a “10.8” inch display.  I also picked up the pen, the Type Cover/keyboard, a 128GB MicroSD card and a 128GB USB 3 thumb drive (all from Amazon).  I was a little apprehensive on the “refurbished” aspect, but it came out of the box like new.

I’m liking it. A lot.  I use it mainly for reading gaming .pdfs in portrait mode, but it’s got the moxie to connect to work through VPN.  It has full windows 10 and runs Office 365 well enough for my needs.  The 10.8 screen is eminently readable with 10″ x 7″ usable area within the black borders.  I don’t think I’d be happy with anything smaller, as it is I don’t have to scroll to read a page.

The back camera is pretty good, compensates for my shaky hand quite nicely and good resolution.  The selfie camera is a bit grainy, but this is a few generations back so I’m not terribly upset.

The pen changes written notes into text in notepad. That’s a nice plus I hadn’t anticipated.  It’s learning my handwriting too.  With the pen you can mark up your documents, even .docs and .pdfs.  It came with a couple drawing apps with different brushes available for those of an artistic bent.  not so much for me… Continue reading “On the Tech Side”

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